Our Coalition and the OneWISH Community

The OneWISH Coalition includes membership bodies, supporting organisations, corporates, not-for-profit organisations, and women’s networks all working towards the aim of improving the prominence and influence of women in Health and Safety. Click here to find out more information about joining the Coalition.

Alongside our organisational membership coalition, we are also building a wider community of interested people who want the same aim. Click here to join the OneWISH community movement and keep updated!

Our mission

OneWISH’s mission is to empower and connect everyone working to improve the prominence and influence of women in the Health and Safety sector.
We want to see more women in leadership positions, and we know that won’t happen without collective action. OneWISH’s Coalition Members are organisations that come together to provide leadership and focus for that collective action.

Our focus

Our primary focus is on advancing women into leadership positions in the world of Health and Safety. When we talk about ‘women’, we include anyone who identifies as a woman or are non-binary.

Although not our main focus, we also support all our members’ wider efforts to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Within the Coalition we are committed to practising ‘conscious inclusion’, where we proactively work to ensure that we invite and include those from under-represented groups.

Our strategy

We support and promote our members’ efforts that are directed towards supporting professional women in Health and Safety and towards improving women’s access to opportunities.

The key strands of work are to:

  • Enhance working culture so that women can succeed and thrive
  • Improving the wider environment to conditions to increase opportunities
  • Profile women and opportunities to increase access to them

Our values